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Ben Frederick Realty is Baltimore’s premier provider of investment realty properties, from apartment and condo buildings to commercial investment properties. The Frederick family has worked in the real estate industry for over 100 years. Urban Ignite began working with Ben Frederick Realty in 2016 to assist them with website design, social media marketing, content creation, and local SEO. We’ve helped BFR create a unified brand identity for their website, content, and social platforms, and highlight the advantages of investing in real estate across the Baltimore metro area. 

The Challenge

Despite the significant name recognition across the Baltimore area within the investment industry, Ben Frederick Realty wasn't being found for relevant keywords within their industry. The website offered an outdated aesthetic that did not take advantage of full width web design, and made it difficult for a larger team to upload property listings to the site. While they had existing social media channels, they were underutilized.  Additionally, we wanted to craft content that would help educate possible investors about the industry and explore what Baltimore has to offer as a city. 

The Solution

We wanted to help build a unified brand identity for BFR that comes through in their website, written content, and social media posts. The website overhaul brought a modern aesthetic and makes it easier for their growing team to upload new properties with ease. A big goal was to create content that helped answer investors questions, new and old, and to take an in-depth look at the diverse neighborhoods of Baltimore. This involved curating unique photo and video content to be featured in blogs and social media posts. This approach allowed us to help identify for those unfamiliar why Ben Frederick Realty has become such a recognizable name within their industry. 

On-Going Website Development

Prior to working with Urban Ignite, BFR’s website was in need of a serious upgrade. It featured an outdated theme, and wasn’t very efficient for agents to add new property listings. We rebuilt the site from the ground up with a custom theme that allowed for this process to be easier for the BFR team. Our design strategy included a custom-tailored blog section that organized a catalog of written content into easily-navigable sections 


Custom content is a cornerstone of what we do at Urban Ignite, and videography is a key piece of this process. For Ben Frederick Realty, we used video content to explore different sides of the company. Videos like our Tour Dem Parks highlight events in the community and help potential investors understand more about Baltimore as a city. Other videos are targeted towards education, exploring the questions clients may have about the property investing industry. This video content helps compliment the written pieces that drive SEO, and helps clients connect with BFR on a more intimate level. 

Blog Writing

We utilize blog writing to both inform and create a concentrated SEO push. For Ben Frederick Realty, our blogs have explored topics ranging from legislative updates to investment advice to neighborhood showcases that identify the unique features Baltimore’s many neighborhoods have to offer. Each blog is written with an SEO strategy in place to help capitalize on relevant keywords and bring new clients into the fold.  


Original photography is an excellent way to help websites and social media accounts stick out. We have provided BFR with a catalogue of original photo content to use across different platforms. These include property photos, photos of events sponsored by Ben Frederick Realty, and photos of neighborhoods and their attractions across the entire city. This original content helps separate them from competitors who overuse stock, and helps us showcase the Baltimore for the beautiful and unique city that it is. 

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